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Why should I join the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED)?

The benefits of signing up as a member of the Philippine Association of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED) are considerable and immeasurable. In addition to extensive personal and professional advantages, your membership helps support the efforts of PAED to advocate for the highest level of oral health in the country and integrate esthetic value in its services to create healthy Filipino smiles..

It helps members acquire and retain clients by educating the public about the importance of using legally registered and qualified esthetic dental care professionals. It allows mentoring by PAED lecturers and resource specialists with the aim to train and develop professionals, who provide their clientele with the latest techniques and processes in aesthetic dentistry.

PAED also provides assistance in managing business such as business planning and marketing advice as well as financial assistance in some cases.

Members are kept abreast of the latest industry information – legislation, new technologies, new products, upcoming events and existing awards among other useful industry and trade intelligence through the PAED website, social media and email bulletins. It organizes conferences workshops and networking opportunities to help members build a professional network by interacting with the members and officers of PAED.  


Who can be a member of PAED?

A Filipino licensed dentist who has fulfilled the following requirements such as:


• Completion of the Philippine Acaemy of Esthetic Dentistry PAED Course 101 (NCR or Abridged) or its equivalent as shall be recommended by the Continuing Dental Education and membership committee with the approval of the incumbent Board.

• Has already taken their oath of membership during the Induction Ceremonies in Manila, Visayas or Mindanao and has updated his/her biennial membership fee as determined by the Board of Directors.

• A member for at least two years or more who has fulfilled the following requirements such as updated membership fee.

• Is an Active Member, Fellow (Diplomate), Honorary Member or Lifetime Member.

• Shall be allowed to attend at least two seminars or projects and one PAED Congress in a term.

• Receive discounts on seminar fees.

• May be elected officer of PAED, eligible to be a committee member and may vote in PAED elections.

• Be eligible for financial assistance from the PAED Welfare & Trust fund, provided they are updated members for at least two consecutive terms.

• Be included in the PAED webite, invited to the social media page and be listed in the updated PAED roster of members, provided they are updated members.

• Receive mentoring from PAED officiers/lecturers regarding the practice of Esthetic Dentistry

• Be eligible for discounted or special rates offered by dental suppliers to PAED members.

What are my benefits as a PAED Member?